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This page has information on returning unit for Repairs, Resetting the Meter, Programming Flow Charts, Trouble Shooting Guides and Forgot Pass Code.  See MANUALS for detailed information.



All repairs are to be sent by UPS to:

Control Electronics Inc.

148 Brandamore Road

Brandamore, PA  19316

( if using USPS, use P.O. Box 330 )

Minimum repair charge is $ 250.00 plus return shipping UPS Ground.  If repair exceeds minimum charge, we will call first for approval.

No RMA number is required. Enclose with the unit your information ( phone, return and billing address ), purchase order to cover charges ( credit card if no account with us ), brief description of problem.  Prefer to see the unit with the sensor.

Make sure the unit is cleaned before packing. An additional $ 50.00 will be applied to clean the unit of cobwebs, bugs, mud, dirt etc. before repair is made.

DO NOT PACK THE UNIT UPSIDE DOWN.  This may result in damage to the unit in shipping.  Pack unit with packing peanuts or other material.  Do not pack the unit loosely.  Fill the box fully with packing material.  Poor packing may result in damage at your expense.

If the unit is determined to be under warranty as indicated by the serial number, there will be no charge ( serial number is located on the  main circuit board at upper left ). Warranty is 1 year from original ship date, not when installed.  The first digits of serial number indicate month and year - i.e.  618-xxxx,  ( 6 for June, 18 for year 2018 );  1114-xxxx ( 11 for November, 14 for year 2014 ).

We do not support any units prior to year 2008.

Turn around time for repair is typically 48 hours or less after receipt of unit.

Resetting The Meter                          

If The Meter Should Lockup or Crash

It is possible that the flow of the program may be interrupted by some external event such as lightning, testing back-up generators or some other anomaly on the AC or Sensor input that may cause the meter to crash or lockup.  Turning power OFF and waiting approximately 10 seconds before turning the meter back ON may correct/unlock the meter.  If not, it may be necessary to perform a RESET using the SELECT button mentioned below, RESETTING THE METER.   You will need to do a FACTORY DEFAULT reset and then reprogram the meter.  You may not need to reset the totalizer or data log.  

In extreme cases, it may be necessary to do a HARD Reset by first turning power OFF to the meter and then removing the 3 volt clock/memory coin battery from its holder for about 1 minute.  This will cause a loss of all data, including totals and data logging.  

Reinstall the coin battery (note polarity) and do a power up reset using the SELECT button as mentioned below.  Proceed  to reprogramming the meter.  Set the clock and date and RESET the totalizer and data log when asked.

            Resetting The Meter


If the SELECT button is held when power is applied to the meter ( earlier units may need the SHIFT button held), then released,  the user will have access to the meters reset functions.  The meter will display manufacture, model, type meter and software revision number (Rv). 

If the SELECT was held, the user may reset the meter to FACTORY DEFAULTS by selecting YES.  The operator will need to proceed to reprogramming the meter.  


                                                                  Note: This reset will set the pass code to ‘0000’.  

The user will now be prompted to RESET the Totalizer and Clock / Date. Press YES to RESET.  If  ‘RESET TO USER PRESETS’ is asked, press NO.  The operator will need to RESET the Clock and Date if asked but not necessary unless unit can not recover.             

The Resets can help recover from a processor crash or lockup due to lightning etc.  The resets do not affect the data log.  The user may proceed to resetting the data log in the PROGRAMMING section and setting the time/date if needed (N/A on DX units).  

Programming Flow Charts  - PDF

PDS-360 Flow Chart 

               CPS-460 Flow Chart

                                 ERS-560 Flow Chart

                                             PSM-660 Flow Chart

Trouble Shooting Guides - PDF

PDS-360 Guide

               CPS-460 Guide                 CPS-460 Application Guide

                           ERS-560 Guide

Forgot your PASS CODE?   

email us with your units Serial Number and Model Number, we will email you a code to use.

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