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Welcome to our Support / Trouble Shooting Guide.

Our Trouble Shooting Guide will guide you in making connections to our products and help you with minor problems you may be experiencing with our products. The guide does not provide down-to-component level trouble shooting except for the 4-20 mA. output. For specific model troubleshooting, make a selection under WIRING DIAGRAMS / TROUBLE SHOOTING box. Wiring diagrams are provided with how to RESET the meters, Download Data Log, Using a MODEM, Printer, etc.

Most common problems are associated with lightning damage or surges. Lightning may damage the 4-20 mA output or cause a lockup (crash) of the operating software. The 4-20 mA components are plug-in for easy repair. Lockups of unit may require Resetting the Meter.

Please call if further assistance is needed.

Trouble Shooting Common To All Systems (4-20 mA., Lightning Surge etc.)

Reset The Meter (how to RESET the meter)

Downloading Data (how to DOWNLOAD data log)

Modem (how to connect to external MODEM)

Printer (how to connect to external serial printer)

Wiring Diagrams - Trouble Shooting Guide


Repairs have a minimal charge of $250.00 plus return shipping charges. If your system is in need of repair, please pack the system carefully (DO NOT pack upside down or on its side) with sensor if possible and include your name, company, return ship-to address, phone number and a brief description of problem. A purchase order number should be included.

Payment is by Credit Card or COD only.

If the minimal charge of $250.00 is exceeded, we will call first before making repairs. Most repairs are completed within 24 hours of receiving the unit.

Note: please clean the unit of dirt, spider webs, dead insects etc. before packing. If the unit needs cleaning in order to proceed with the repair, there will be an additional $50.00 charge applied to repair.


Warranty repairs will be made at the discretion of Control Electronics, Inc. A 12 month warranty period from ship date is standard.


You must ship the unit pre-paid to:

Repair Dept., Control Electronics, Inc., 148 Brandamore Rd., Brandamore, PA 19316

Prefered shipping method is UPS.

If by US Mail, you must mail to our P.O. Box 330

The following models are discontinued.

Model #
Discontinued as of
Repairable / Supported
PDS-300 Ultrasonic Open-Channel Flowmeter
January 1991
CPS-400 Ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter
January 1994
ERS-500 Ultrasonic Level Monitor
January 1991
PDS-350 Smart Series Open-Channel Flowmeter
November 1997
CPS-450 Smart Series Doppler Flowmeter
June 1998
ERS-550 Smart Series Ultrasonic Level Monitor
January 1998

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